Tanzania: Kikwete Objects to MPs Term Limits


this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“It is of my opinion that term limits should only be for presidents but not MPs. Even in countries such as United States and Philippines, term limits are only for members of the senate not National Assembly, ” Mr Kikwete said in his address to the Constituent Assembly (CA).

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Kikwete added that the more one serves as a Member of Parliament the more experience he/she gains, describing such positions as “breeding ground for national leaders.”

The draft constitution proposes that there should be a term limit for MPs, it provides that an MP serves for only three terms, each of five years.

The Head of State further noted that it is unfair to recall an MP who has failed to perform his/her duties for six months due to illness or detention in remand prison.

“It will be unfair to recall an MP who has been sick for six months, suppose that MP was involved in an accident while serving his people and he/she is admitted at hospital for that period.”

“Nonetheless, look at that matter critically and weigh its repercussions, if you satisfy yourselves that MPs should be recalled for being ill or detained before even being convicted, it is upon you to decide,” Mr Kikwete told members of the CA.

(Africa News)


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