Police Brace to Battle Opposition In Kabale


page sans-serif; color: #222222;”>According to the Kigezi Regional Police Commander, viagra 40mg Olivia Rosemary Wawire, the police last night received a letter from the coordinator of Kick corruption out of Kigezi, Kakuuru Robert Byamugusha, inviting police to attend and provide security on the same day.

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“The police is calling off the platform of the planned rally on electoral reforms until further notice,” the RPC warned.

Wawire noted that in the letter that was written to police, there is no where it is indicated that there will be the launching of the electoral reforms.

“We are not going to entertain any form of their meeting until they come out with correct procedures,” Wawire said.

She added that the police had received intelligence that the group was intending to hold a massive rally on electoral reforms in Kabale town when the police had note received any formal communication from the organisers for security purposes.

The police should have informed within three days before the rally to harmonise on the venue, the number of participants and the number of police deployments to provide security for the people.

She said that the police are currently on the alert over terror threats by the Al Shabaab and being on the porous border with DRC the terrorists could use the opportunity to attack and harm the un suspecting Ugandans.

“They also have to work with the traffic police to avoid the intruders because the ADF could take this chance and attack us,” she said.

The Police Commander noted that the police will not allow what happened in 2012 where the “For God and My Country” was given chance and they lost control of the people and chaos ensued leading to the injuring of many people and police vehicles were smashed by the population who had turned rowdy.

According to the planned rally agenda, the following were to attend; Col. Dr Kizza Besigye, Gen Mugisha Muntu, Hon.Nobert Mao, Ambassador Olara Otunnu, Hon Miria Matembe, Fr.Gaetano Batanyenda and Bishop Zac Niringiye.

Wawire urged the general public to cooperate with the police and avoid riots.


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