Kenyan MPs Trash Westgate Attack Report


what is ed geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The MPs yesterday voted down the findings by the committee on Administration and National Security, seek and the Defence and Foreign Relations team.

The report was termed “shoddy, useless, just a bunch of papers and a mere research paper” by infuriated MPs who felt short-changed by its recommendations.

The Garissa Township MP, Aden Duale, one of the contending legislator has castigated the committees for not telling Kenyans what truly happened at the Westgate Shopping mall adding, that they expected recommendations for the sacking of people who failed to act on intelligence reports pointing at a terror attack in the city.

“I respect the chairmen of the committees and their members but we have to reject this report and go back for re-evaluation and we still demand for the sacking of top security officers,” said Mr Duale.

The committees co-chaired by Asman Kamama (National Security) and Ndung’u Gethinji (Defence) were at the centre of criticism, during the debate to adopt the report, for allegedly failing to do their work well.

The committees recommended the closure of all refugee camps saying, they were terrorist hubs.

However, Mr Duale said Kenya would not just wake up one day and do that.

“Kenya is a signatory to the Vienna Convention. You just cannot wake up one day and close the refugee camps as recommended in this report,” the Garissa Township MP said.

“This report is unfortunate. We must reject this report in totality so that a judicial commission of inquiry is formed. Insecurity is indiscriminate. We must call a spade as spade not a big spoon. We must tell Kenyans what really happened. This report does not say so,” said Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo.

Mr Kamama, however, defended the report saying they had done their best despite working in difficult circumstances.

He was supported by Mr Gethinji who asked members to read the report extensively.

(Daily Nation)


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