Mulago Water Scandal: NWSC Boss Told To Resign


buy more about sans-serif; font-size: 9pt; line-height: 200%;”>The acute water shortage did not only lead to a breakout of diarrhoea at the facility but also brought to standstill operations in nearly all sensitive departments of the hospital such as dentistry, visit this site emergency, information pills paediatrics and intensive care.

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By plunging the country’s largest national health facility into a sanitation crisis, NWSC put lives of thousands of patients and their attendants at stake.

Following a huge public outcry and civil society action, NWSC rushed to save face by positing on its Twitter handle that “negotiations were held with Mulago Hosp Management and an agreement was reached to streamline operations.”

It added: “We wish to inform our customers and General public that NWSC has restored normal water supply to Mulago Hill.”

The water supply was cut off several weeks ago due to Mulago’s delay to clear bills amounting to shs6bn as arrears.

While NWSC said the bill was too high to allow water supply at the health facility, Ugandans said the organisation should have sought legal redress instead of putting lives of thousands of patients at risk.

A one Neville Ankunda said NWSC are “neither patriots nor patriotic. They are saboteurs who are supposed to be charged with treason and murder.”

Fred Arinaitwe said, “When we talk of patriotism, those who are unpatriotic disconnect hospital water lines. They start asking the reason why patriotism should be instilled into people’s minds. Are those who are disconnecting Hospital water lines patriotic or patriots?”

Peter Kimera expressed the need to put in place measures to check such sensitive parastatals, arguing “whatever they do ought to be guided by the law.”

Sam Taremwa charged on Facebook: “There is no justifiable reason what so ever for NWSC to have disconnected water from Mulago Hospital. Mistakes happen, hope we don’t see this happen to not only Mulago but other sensitive institutions.”

The scandal has raised fresh queries about the competence and rationality of NWSC Managing Director, Dr Silver Mugisha whose appointment was confirmed a couple of weeks ago.

Mulago mourtuary buildings rotting away

Observers say Mugisha should do the right thing and resign for putting lives of thousands on the line of death.

Critics argue that Mugisha’s decision contradicts the organisation’s mission of “providing efficient and cost effective Water and Sewerage Services applying innovative managerial solutions to the delight of our customers.”

They further contend that allowing government officials to get away with such detestable action perpetuates impunity in the public service sector.

John Twiine, a boda boda rider in Wandegeya wondered whether Mugisha would order water to be disconnected if he had his wife in labour at Mulago.

“The head of NWSC must resign for this insensitivity. Imagine mothers giving birth calling relatives to bring water for bathing. This is very absurd,” said Twiine as he shook his head in disbelief.

Students from Medical School Makerere University could not access toilets for weeks as most of them were found locked due to water shortage.

Some of students told Chimpreports their toilets were so filthy that a stomach-churning stench hovered over the medical facility for weeks.

The water crisis was mostly faced by Mwanamujimu Unit which mobilised health activists from different civil society organisations to petition the Parliament of Uganda for an immediate intervention.

NWSC is a utility parastatal which is 100 percent owned by the Government of Uganda. It was established in 1972 under decree No: 34.

Its mandate is “to operate and provide water and sewerage services in areas entrusted to it, on a sound, commercial and viable basis.”

Ankunda described NWSC’s actions as “so inhumane,” adding, “there are other human ways to address this. Let them opt for court, the court can give ultimatum to the people responsible to pay the bills.”

“This is lack of logic; nothing can justify their blunder, their greed for money at the expense of young babies in the hospital. For every action the reaction should be opposite but equal; their reaction was opposite and very unequal and uncalculated.”

Ugandans speak out on water crisis at Mulago

Patrick Kabuye: And you hear Tumwebaze that people must be forced to love their country, which country that cannot even provide water to the only national referral hospital. It’s a shame!

Silas Labedo: “If you to point such a finger at NSWC, then you miss the rot that is at Mulago. Whereas you may have to humbly ask them to be considerate of the lives at the hospital, you cannot turn a blind eye at the rot going on there for there can be no smoke without fire.

And what is worse is that nothing seems to be attended to in this Uganda of ours if the measure isn’t drastic. Be it a strike, turning off of utility services you name it.

Hannington Turyamureeba: But all of you who are blaming NWSC, why don’t you blame the party responsible for paying the water bills at Mulago? The fact is that NWSC manager also has an accountability to make when water is consumed without payments.

Jesse Owen: Without question, Mulago hospital must have constant water and electricity. Any one questioning this must be arrested because he is not patriotic. Water is life and surely in a hospital water is more than life. National water should have done better.

Jean Kemirembe: That was too bad especially for the patients. No amount of money is worth peoples’ lives. What happened to courts of laws in Uganda? What if NSWC is sued for damages and loss of lives? Will it be able to compensate those who lost their loved ones? Uganda is blessed with abundant water and we still suffer like this. It’s a shame to NWSC and Mulago administrators.

Mary Nakiwala: What do you want the manager to do? He is doing his job and it’s the responsibility of the government to pay water bills in Mulago. After all the government can buy iPads for its members, how about paying water bills at Mulago?

Flavia Nkojo: It’s so unfortunate that it’s the common person whose hard earned savings are extracted by these very institutions that fail to deliver services! One wonders where all the money that is collected goes if the hospital management cannot pay even for the basics.

NWSC has its own fault at this but I am sure there has been some kind of notification given to Mulago before the disconnection was actually done. Who really cares about us poor Ugandans??

Moses Salim: There is real madness in this country people do things without caring about others. People should think deep before acting think of the repercussions and then act.


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