Rugunda: Mulago Has Enough Oxygen


According to Rugunda, cure there exists a state of art oxygen plant which was installed in 2012 with a capacity to supply oxygen constantly.

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Responding to concerns that six patients died recently as a result of shortage of oxygen this afternoon, Rugunda said 4 and not 6 patients died of advanced HIV, Tb, severe pneumonia and anaemia related causes and not lack of oxygen as reported in the media recently.

He says that Mulago being a National Referral hospital receives patients in critical conditions and in case of death, it should not always be taken as due to oxygen shortages.

Rugunda adds that the available oxygen plant has been functional since its installation in November 2012 with a capacity of 240 cylinders and ability to function even in times of power shortage.

But, Rugunda says more investigations are to continue to establish oxygen shortage death cases among other health concerns for appropriate action.


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