Nakasero Hospital Introduces Self-governing Health Care Scheme


buy buy geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>NHCL is a separate legal entity of Nakasero Hospital and it has launched a managed Health Care Scheme, with Nakasero Hospital as the single service provider.

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NHCL said it is committed to providing better access to quality medical services, at affordable rates and that this service will be the first of its kind and it will soon be available to all patients of Nakasero Hospital.

“Ugandans are currently paying premium in this tight economic climate for unreliable medical facilities and health care schemes. Other service providers are charging relatively way too much, hence making it very difficult to maintain the health care schemes which has given NHCL the impetus to take on the mantle of setting up a scheme tailored for the Ugandan clients and market,” said Dr. Busingye, Chairman NHCL.

In January, the Uganda Insurers Association (UIA) boss, Mariam Magala, said the Medical Insurers Committee had barred Nakasero hospital from offering medical insurance services.

Magala said the medical facility, which is considered one of the most expensive in the country, had fallen short of sorting some of thorny issues that included “sudden tariff adjustments, unreasonably high drug charges and high professional fee charges.”

For these reasons, UIA decided not to renew the hospital’s license, pending negotiations.

“What Nakasero is charging is too high for clients. We are still negotiating with them to get fair rates for clients,” Faith Ekudu, the Uganda Insurers Association spokesperson, was quoted as saying.

However, Busingye on Wednesday said “Our health care scheme is of high quality and is affordable,” adding, “The facility shall extend to individuals, families, Small and Medium Enterprise Companies, large multi-national organizations and governmental parastatals.

We exist to provide our customers more affordable options to accessing Nakasero Hospital quality services to the wider community. Our clients are not only weathering the high charges charged by other service providers and unreliable medical services, they are actually finding our Health Care Scheme to be a real alternative to other service providers.”

NHCL said it will provide or arrange managed health care systems with control of medical expenses through the discounted treatment costs to members, self-funded health care benefit plans with the latest market systems like Biometric identification and Monthly accountability of funds in the case of medical fund management clients.


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