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Tumwebaze, Fr Gaetano Lock Horns Over RDCs


this http://clearlakefestival.ca/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-importer.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“My job is to supervise RDCs. Even if I recommend them, I am not the appointing authority,” said Tumwebaze in an exclusive interview with Chimpreports on Wednesday afternoon.

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He said Fr Gaetano is a well known peddler of falsehoods.

“He is no stranger to situations that put his integrity into serious question. I am therefore not surprised at his concoctions,” he added.

Batanyenda, the outspoken chairman of Kigezi Inter-religious Council this week said Tumwebaze used his position as the Minister for Presidency and “being the one that selects the names and presents them to the president for appointment as RDCs to select more from his home district compared to other districts and regions.”

Batanyenda listed Erias Kateeba, Florence Beyunga Tumuhairwe, Vincent Kamugisha, Abbas Agaba, Moses Mwebesa, Fabiano Bomera, Africano Aharikunda, Willy Turyamuboona and Henry Kamugisha as individuals from Kamwenge that benefitted from the recent appointments as RDCs.

Tumwebaze hits back

However, Tumwebaze says Batanyenda should do research on the birthplaces of the above officials.

“Take one simple example that exposes him bare. Mwebesa hails from Kitagata, Bushenyi not Kamwenge as alleged by Fr Gaetano. While it is true there are some RDCs from Kamwenge, many of them were even there before I was appointed minister, so what is wrong with that?” wondered the Minister.

The Minister further said Beyunga had earlier been appointed RDC and that Agaba who contested against MP Nulu Byamukama in Kitagwenda does not hail from the former’s constituency in Kamwenge.

He also noted that Aharikunda and Kateeba are not from Kamwenge. Tumwebaze also said Bomera had already gained ample experience in serving as RDC in Isingiro before his recent transfer to Buvuma.

Fr Batanyenda (R) at a recent function in Kabale


According to Batanyenda, Kamwenge district has got nine sub-counties with at least every sub-county having an RDC while other districts like the former Kigezi district currently with four districts of Kabale, Rukungiri, Kanungu and Kisoro managing with only four RDCs appointed by the President while others do not have.

“That is nepotism of the highest order and the President should know the person whom he is dealing with is leading him to the wrong direction. Tumwebaze who selects the names and presents them to the President for appointment should select the names equally and randomly from all districts in the country,” charged Batanyenda.

However, Tumwebaze said the man of God should identify if any of the RDCs is related to him.

“What law or policy is it that says it’s the minister of the presidency that gives the president names? Is Fr Gaetano aware of whom the president consults when making his appointments? That yet also exposes the shameless falsehoods of Fr Gaetano. Who recommended Fr Gaetano to president when he was appointed to the CA? Gaetano as usual wants cheap visibility and attention,” wondered Tumwebaze.

Batanyenda said he would write a letter to President Museveni about the conduct of Tumwebaze in “relation to the chronology of events” that have been happening in the country because of his wrong decisions.

Lukwago saga

“Being the minister for Kampala, he is the root cause of all the tensions and street battles that are currently rocking Kampala. During his tenure as the minister for Kampala he has managed to undermine peoples’ mandate by unlawfully removing Lukwago from his office even after court had issued an injunction,” said Batanyenda.

“The manner in which minister Tumwebaze is handling issues in the country is contrary to the NRM core values of democracy. He is trying to oust the mayor who was constitutionally elected by the people of Kampala as their leader. I now hear that he is trying to bring the patriotism law but I don’t know how he will measure if someone loves his country or not.”

Tumwebaze said if “his (Batanyenda) problem of harbouring so much hate for me is because of his support of Lukwago and Kampala affairs then let him say so.”

The Head of Research at the President’s office, Morrison Rwakakamba was explicit, saying the suggestion by Fr. Gaetano Batanyeda that Minister Tumwebaze is practicing nepotism is “really lazy and crazy.”

He noted: “His (Batanyenda) statements are full of misinformation and aimed at blackmailing Minister Tumwebaze. But why should the man of God engage in blackmail and gimmickry? The RDCs he mentions were appointed some six years ago. Was Tumwebaze a Minister then? Some are from as far as Bushenyi, not anywhere near Kamwenge. Fr. Gaetano should also keenly look at Article 203 (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda to appraise himself on who appoints RDCs.”


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