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Police Warn Campus Girls Against Facebook Killers


information pills sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Kaweesi says that according to their investigation reports, see they have unhealthy sans-serif; color: #222222;”>discovered that most of the campus girls have fallen victims of circumstance because they are money-minded and that is why the serial killers have got all the chances to take advantage of them.

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He also reveals that some of these young girls are just being murdered by secret admirers and ex-boyfriends from whom they con money.

“University girls have become hard for police to protect because the killers are their own people who know their moves quite well.”

He, on this note, advised parents to help the police protect their daughters but not to blame police for negligence.

He says that these men will rape, kill and destroy evidence, therefore, one should always inform people on their whereabouts all the time.

This comes shortly after unidentified men abducted and murdered a 17 year-old girl in unclear circumstances.


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