Why You Need To Register A Copyright


check geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>For example, visit this site if you are a musician, then you need to copyright your song to prevent others from claiming it as theirs.

Under Ugandan laws, one does not need to register in order for him/her to enjoy protection of their works because a copyright under the law is automatically got by the author when an idea is reduced to some tangible form. E.g an idea for a story is written down into a novel etc.


Be that as it may, one is still required to register a copyright with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau in order to get certain benefits associated with such works because it might difficult to prove one indeed owns certain works without having such works registered. These benefits include:

1. Public awareness of who owns the copyright: When your work e.g song, writing, art piece etc is registered as a copyright, it will become public knowledge as to who owns it. This means that anybody interested in your works or doing something similar will be stopped because your work is protected. This gives the public notice that you own the work

2. Legal Protection: If anyone steals your works, then proof of ownership in court will be alot easier and less costly because the work is registered. Your copyright registration will provide proof of your ownership and relieve you of this legal burden.

3. Benefit for your family: since the copyright is registered, then upon death, benefits from those works will pass on to your estate who will enjoy such benefits as they would for any other property.

4. Compensation in case of infringement: If one has not registered his/ her copyright, then the damages or compensation is very limited if one violates that copyright. However, if registered, then the compensation is at the maximum since there exists proof of ownership.

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By Gerald Abila

Managing Director


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