Wanyoto: New Taxes To End Uganda's Reliance On Foreign Aid


this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Former East African Legislative Assembly MP Hon Lyda Wanyoto said on Tuesday that tax payment was almost the only way to consolidate the country’s economic independence.

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She was speaking to reporters at a public dialogue on the projected tax increments proposed by government to plug the gaps left behind by several aid cuts declared by foreign donors.

Wanyoto said the cuts had come at a perfect moment when the country was preparing for the new 2014/15 national budget to be read in June.

“This is the time for Ugandans to cast aside the negative attributes and begin responding positively when a new tax is announced. For all this time they have not seen the value and relationship between taxes and government service delivery,” she said.

The Presidential Advisory Committee earlier this month reportedly unveiled a long list of proposed new taxes on goods like processed milk, locally produced chocolate, sweets, chewing gum, computers, car fuel, paraffin and others, of which proposals are expected to be discussed in Cabinet.

The taxes are believed to have been largely informed by the foreign aid cuts which followed the country’s enactment of a law against homosexuality

“Ugandans should know that as a country we would never be called independent, self sustaining and consolidating our own value systems if we are not able to meet our own needs and balance our budget,” added Wanyoto.

She further called for the citizens to work a little harder, noting that the country’s tax burden was being born by a few manufacturers and traders while the majority remained outside of the taxable bracket.


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