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EAC Weighs Regional Police Force


link http://consultants-lactation.org/wp-includes/session.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The workshop attracted participants from Communication, price Training, Operations and Community Policing Units of the five regional Police Services/Forces.

The workshop identified the roles of the Police in facilitating implementation of the EAC Common Market Protocol in particular and developed a simplified information handbook on the same for the Police and a reciprocal training module for Police Training Institutions on EAC integration.

The workshop took advantage of the Moshi Police Academy to pre-test the draft outputs developed for suitability and appropriateness.

The modules and handbook will be presented to the EAC Police Chiefs forum for consideration and approval.

It is expected that implementation will enhance police participation and support to the integration process as the line department that citizens interact with regularly.

Over time, the Police have at times been viewed as a non-tariff barrier to regional integration.

Time wastage in Police roadblocks and harassment of travellers in the region have been cited as some examples.

At their 2nd Meeting held in Kigali in August 2012, the EAC Chiefs of Police appreciated the need to empower the Police Services with relevant information that can enable them to positively support the integration process.

It was noted then that while policing work cuts across all domains of life, little had been done to engage the police in the dialogues that gave rise to instruments guiding the implementation of the various integration stages.

This inadvertently limited the capacity of the noble services to support the integration process, a fact that can be attributed to the inordinate information asymmetry.


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