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Uhuru: At EAC, We Are Partners Not Competitors


viagra discount http://cjr.edu.mx/templates/ja_sulfur/css/colors/orange-ie.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Addressing East Africa Community (EAC) staff at the regional bloc’s headquarters in Arusha, approved http://chuckatuckhistory.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-get-comment-endpoint.php Tanzania, http://dakarlives.com/wp-content/themes/listify/inc/integrations/wp-job-manager/class-wp-job-manager-taxonomies.php last evening, the Kenyan leader said: “We compete with other parts of the world.”

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He told the staff that they are at the heart of the community and thus the engine that helps achieve the goals of the EAC.

As the chairman of EAC Heads of State Summit, President of Kenya and a committed East African, he said he fully supported the integration of East Africa, pointing out that it is only through unity that the citizens are assured of wealth creation, job creation and prosperity.

The President said member states need to complement each other and help one another overcome their weaknesses to achieve the agenda of integration.

“Unity,” President Kenyatta said, “is the surest way to achieve economic development for our people. The process of bringing the people of the region together should move faster.”

He told the staff that they are the engine that will take the community and East Africans to their destiny.

He noted the need to revamp and review EAC institutions and organs to respond to current challenges and help to speed up the integration process.

He said the review is aimed at fast tracking the remaining protocols and programmes to achieve the political federation which the member states are yearning for.

“We need to have quick systems to allow movement of people and goods. The future of our region lies in what is being done here in the EAC headquarters in Arusha,” President Kenyatta said.

On funding, the President said development partners have helped the EAC, but pointed out that the Community is an East African affair and the region should be self-reliant.

President Kenyatta said member states will consider equality and ability on funding the EAC, noting that for the organisation to meet its targets it requires member states to take up the key role in its funding.

He pledged to look into the issue of staff growth so that they do don’t stagnate at the time they work at EAC.

He said the review of institutions that is underway is a clear sign that EAC has grown since inception.

He said free movement of people should emulate what happens with ‘cattle of the Maasai across the border without anyone asking for visas’.

The President, who keenly listened to the issues facing EAC staff, said his visit to the headquarters is an indication of his commitment to the integration process.

Her pledged to take up issues raised by the staff to the summit level to ensure fairness noting that the future of personnel serving at the secretariat need to be guaranteed.

Cabinet Secretary and Chair of the EAC Council of Ministers Phyllis Kandie said the President’s visit is a sign of the region’s leaders’ commitment to the affairs of the EAC.

She disclosed that an review of EAC secretariat institutions was underway as directed by the Summit.

EAC Secretary General Richard Sezibera said: “Staff here serve for two terms at horizontal terms and without pension. The budget is growing and the EAC is the most well-funded in Africa.”

He, however, lamented that donors still dominate funding of EAC. In this financial year, for example, the member states have given $32m (Sh2.75 bn), with donors giving $79.8m (Sh6.85bn).

Dr Sezibera said since President Kenyatta was elected, he had shown his commitment to regional integration through projects undertaken by his government .

He cited the building of the Standard gauge railway from Mombasa to Kigali and Bujumbura, saying Kenyans have a right tio expre4ss their view but added that “the railway is an East African affair and our views should also be heard”.

He thanked the President for standing with the EAC and said: “This is the first time a sitting chair of the EAC summit has visited the secretariat and staff.”


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