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Activists: Obama Support of Kony Hunt a Game Changer


cialis 40mg http://codefor.asia/wp-includes/class-walker-page.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Western media on Sunday reported that Obama is sending several CV-22 Osprey aircraft, symptoms http://companyimpact.com/modules/mod_zt_headline/tmpl/zt_accordion.php along with 150 Air Force Special Operations forces and other airmen, http://cyberstudio.biz/main/components/com_easyblog/controllers/easyblog.php to join the American troops already in the region to help the Ugandan government find Kony.

According to reports, American forces will continue to advise and assist their counterparts in the African Union’s military task force tracking Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army across Uganda, Central African Republic, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kasper Agger, a Field Researcher with Enough Project, says “the deployment of Osprey helicopters could be the decisive game changer in the mission to end the LRA.”

He further pointed out that “US and their African partner forces will now be able to act swiftly to apprehend Kony that continue to terrorize civilians in remote corners of central Africa.”

“The deployment confirms US resolve to the mission and sends a strong signal about the Obama administration’s commitment to atrocity prevention.”

Last year, Enough Project said Kony had a window to regroup the Lord’s Resistance Army in the Central African Republic, which risks reversing gains made in dismantling the rebellion.

It is thought the U.S. military advisors deployed with Uganda against the LRA have cut rebel attacks by 53 percent over the last two years but the progress was temporarily hampered by the political and security turmoil in Central African Republic.

The LRA used the rainy season for years to hide in the more dense forest cover, reorganize, and stealthily abduct fighters to replenish its ranks.

However, Invisible Children recently said the year 2013 was a significant blow to the Joseph Kony commanded Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) operations in Eastern DRC and Central African Republic.

The year saw the rebel group lose 20 percent of its Ugandan fighting forces through defection – about 32 of the 160 – which the report describe as utterly irreplaceable.


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