Bishop Zac: Teargas Nearly Killed Me


pharm http://colosseo.com.br/wp-includes/class-wp-locale-switcher.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Addressing journalists in Kampala, ampoule Niringiye explained that on the d- day for the their rally in Mbale, this site police blocked the road prompting their vehicles to stop in the middle of the road where live bullets and tear gas canisters were fired at them.

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“When I entered the car in which was Hon Cecilia Ogwal, two tear gas canisters were thrown into the car but lucky enough they didn’t diffuse. I remember police jerking me off like a police and the RPC ordered his men that arrest that stupid Bishop. They then threw canisters to the crowd. Dr Kiiza Besigye and Mugisha Muntu were also flashed out by Police from Mbale,” Niringiye explained.

Mbale MP speaks out

The area Member of Parliament, Jack Wamayi Wamanyi, explained that on Friday night he had talked to the regional police commander who had assured them of security as he had allowed them to go ahead with their meeting.

“On Saturday when we had gathered with our people, Jacob Opolot (Regional Police Commander), started dispersing all of us that he had orders from above to do so yet we had got permission. The police then blocked our cars and started firing tear gas and live bullets and I remember seeing an army vehicle registration number D03OF033 and its occupants firing live bullets,” he explained the ordeal as he
displayed two bullet shells that he claims were fired at their cars.

“After some time, I was able to see off my visitors but was again bundled by police claiming to be escorting back home only to lead me to cells.”

Soroti district woman MP Angelina Osege explained that police after meeting with the district police chief, they had agreed to hold a town hall meeting rather than the proposed rally.

“The meeting was supposed to be at Lion Hall club on Sunday afternoon but a day before the meeting we got a letter stopping from convening. We then decided to go to different churches but to my surprise when we were going back to my hotel where my visitors had slept. We found police had blocked the gate and could not allow any one in and out,” Osege explained.

“When I questioned, they told me that they had got intelligence information that Al Shabbab were targeting my hotel. When I tried to force my way to the hotel, then threw tear gas canisters in the compound and the bottom of my gomesi was burnt. Police wanted to arrest me but the local people saved me.”


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