Gen Kayihura Vows to Professionalise Police


mind sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“A Police Officer, this site should have all the skills to fight any threat like urban terrorism, buy information pills rape, terrorism, murders and any other threats, we should have all the capabilities to fight all the threats, the agreement, we have with the people of Uganda, is to keep them safe, so we should have the required skills to do that, and I will not rest until the (Uganda Police) Force has those capabilities,” Gen. Kayihura said.

Gen. Kayihura made the remarks on Friday (21/3/2014) at Olilim, Katakwi district while passing out Counter Terrorism Officers who had undergone a two months course there.

He said that what a Police Officer does in his day-to-day duties affects the economic development of a country; therefore, they should bear in mind the duty of protecting and serving the nation.

“When you (Police Officers) are supposed to patrol and you don’t, peoples’ shops are broken into thereby you (Police Officers), are undermining the capacity of the people to do business, those who steal (electricity) transformer oil are not just mere thieves, they are undermining the program of rural electrification, we must make sure that we fight all these thieves, secondly, nobody will come and invest where there is terrorism, we must stop all these criminal activities,” Gen. Kayihura, said.

Gen. Kayihura said that he has received several requests from Very Important Persons (VIPs) demanding to be provided with Counter Terrorism Officers as bodyguards.

“All VIPs, MPs, who, all want to be guarded by Police Officers putting on black, and am overwhelmed by the request, they no longer want those putting on Kaki,” he said.

He added that Police managed to contain walk to work protest through community policing.

“We talked to the youths and they listened to us and they stopped demonstrating,” he said.

The LCV Chairman Katakwi, Mr. Ekongot John Robert, appreciated Gen. Kayihura’s effort in professionalising the Police and ensuring stability in the country.

“You have become the face of security and stability in this country,” Ekongot said.

Over 200 Officers underwent a two months Counter Terrorism Course in Olilim.

The training school that is sitting on a five square mile land was donated by the LCV Chairman and the people of Katakwi to Police.

The School will be specifically for training Counter Terrorism Officers.


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