Museveni Loses Temper As Education System Rots


more about sans-serif; color: #333333;”>“click sans-serif;”>When the head of the family walks as if he is lame, the children will copy him, therefore when you have a dedicated headmaster, the teachers will also be dedicated at their work. The one who sets the trap while hunting should check on it regularly for any catch. That is why the issue of supervision in schools is very important,” he said.

The President was yesterday officiating at celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Mbarara Municipal School Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Booma grounds in Mbarara Municipality.

He had initially commissioned a new classroom block at the school worth Shs 754m before commending the school leadership for the good nurturing of children and for giving them a very comprehensive educational program and curriculum that covers formal academics, vocational and religious education that covers the moral needs of the children.

He urged the relevant government organs to strengthen the supervision of government programmes noting that lack supervision had affected service delivery by the government.

“The key to better education is supervision and I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Kananura the Headmaster of the school and the bishop and the entire diocese who take kin interest in supervising the school leading to its excellence,” he said.

The Ministry of Education and Sports requires four types of inspections to be carried out on each school.

These are full inspection-once a year; short/routine inspections- once a term, flying visits – adhoc and follow-up inspections – within 18 months from when an inspection is done.

According to a value for money audit report on the inspection of primary schools by the Office of the Auditor General, it was noted that schools were not regularly inspected and this was attributed to low staffing levels of inspectors, inadequate supervision and monitoring of inspectors and inadequate provision of logistics to carry out inspections.

This resulted into laxity in attendance by both teachers and pupils thus high absenteeism among the teachers and pupils, conflicts in schools, teachers? underperformance and low syllabus coverage hence poor performance in schools.

President Yoweri Museveni lauded the leadership of Mbarara Municipal School for exhibiting the highest level of excellence in the running of the church founded government owned school making it one of the best primary schools in the country, adding that it has demystified the myth that the UPE programme is a failure.

“A cow with a sick swollen cheek and can’t eat will not stop other cows from eating. Let those who cannot afford expensive fees continue with UPE. The rich people can take their children to other schools,” he said, adding that it is clear that where the universal primary and secondary education has failed, the problem has largely been administrative.

The President announced that in recognition of exceptional educational example set by Mbarara Municipal School, government will construct and equip a technical workshop and avail the school with professional instructors to strengthen its vocational training.

He also contributed Shs 100m towards the fundraising drive geared at the completion of the vocational centre for the school that was built in memory of the fifty years of the school’s existence.

The Education Minister, Jessica Alupo, said that the school’s performance had energised her ministry’s recognition of the UPE programme as the main mass programme that needs support of all Ugandans.

She commended the Church of Uganda who are the founders of the school for the support in the education sector and said that the government does not take it for granted.

The Bishop of the Mbarara Diocese Sheldon Mwesigwa said the school has been the best performing UPE School in the country for the last 9 years and attributed most of the success at the school to the deep Christian values on which the school was founded.

He used the occasion to reiterate his support and that of the church to the recently enacted anti/gay bill and said that all religious institutions are working in unison in support of this law.


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