Mbabazi: Nothing Can Stop Me From Standing For President


about it http://coastalallergycare.com/wp-content/plugins/responsive-maps-plugin/responsive-styled-google-maps.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Mbabazi was responding to numerous questions and controversies surrounding him and NRM party rose to him while appearing on the Voice of Kigezi radio on Sunday night.

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Mbabazi noted that the Uganda’s constitution is very clear on rights to stand on any election and the National Resistance Movement Party constitution lays clear strategies on how to choose party leadership.

He, however, noted that there is no truth in the current rumours in the media that there is a rift between him and President Museveni.

He said that he has spent a very long period of time since 1974 closely working with President Museveni without any problem and if any they know how to handle them secretly.

“In case there is any problem, we cannot fight, we discuss it together and come out with a conclusion,” Mbabazi said.

He added: “those carrying rumours across the country that there are misunderstandings between me and Museveni should leave the issues with the President. He knows how to solve them.”

Genesis of the rumours

The Prime Minister explained that the genesis of all the rumours started when the NRM parliamentary caucus was with President Museveni when they had gone for the party retreat and while on a lunch in one of the presidential farms, the members asked the northern youth MP, Hon. Evaline Aniite, to give a word of thanks after having their lunch with the President and all of the sudden, she brought an idea of the party fronting Mr. Museveni as the party sole candidate in the next general elections.

He said that at the time, it was seconded by Hon. Atwib Katoto, John Ssimbwa and Hon. Barbra Andond but it was not written anywhere on the order paper and so, those were their opinions.

Mbabazi noted that the President later told the MPs to proceed to the farm to show them his cows and show youthful legislators where the NRA war took place.

He, however, said that after the farm visit, the MPs continued with their motion and started soliciting for signatures to support the motion.

“If I also put my signature on the motion, that is my opinion too but there is a lawful way of choosing party leaders.”

He added that during the retreat, the President also complained of some members who are secretly forming some cliques aimed at disorganising and disintegrating the party and when Mbabazi went on to ask who those people were the MPs told him that he was the one leading the group to disorganise the party.

Mbabazi noted that after being told that he was the one leading those cliques, he went and asked President Museveni but Museveni told him that he had received intelligence briefing about the reports.

“He did not reveal the group members but told me that he is still gathering enough evidence.”

He noted that during the caucus meeting at State House Entebbe, some members of the caucus almost punched him as they abused and accused him of leading the alleged cliques but when he asked them to produce evidence, no one could bring it.

Why he can stand for President of he chooses

Mbabazi told the caucus that if he wants the country’s top seat, there is no law that can stop him from standing for presidency.

“I support President Museveni because he has been a good leader and if I wish to stand, I will seek for support and I belong to NRM also as a disciplined member.”

“People should not worry about the party; anyone who wants the party flag bearer has rights to do so.”

He noted that the caucus wrote to Central Executive Committee that they had made a resolution fronting Museveni as the sole candidate and CEC received the resolution and was noted and will later be presented before the party National Delegates’ Conference.

Mbabazi noted that in the party structures, National Executive Committee (NEC) is the only one that has the mandate to choose names for those vying to contest for the party chairmanship.

“If time for choosing party leaders comes, it will be announced and CEC will announce plans on how the party will choose its leaders.”

Mbabazi added that the resolution that was passed at Kyankwanzi was not formally accepted by the President and those saying that he accepted it, are lying.

Begging the President for forgiveness

The Premier also rubbished media claims that last week, together with wife Jacqueline, he went, knelt and cried before the President seeking for forgiveness saying, that it was his haters’ imaginations and mere rumours.

“My wife kneeling? I have never seen a mukiga woman kneeling before anyone. Maybe only to God.”

He also observed that he has seen media reports that the caucus sacked him from being the party Secretary General replacing him with Minister Richard Twadong saying, that that was an unfounded lie.

Mbabazi said that he was chosen by national party conference adding, that the caucus has no powers to sack him.

He said that because of heavy workload he has as the prime minister and the secretary general secretary he had discussed it with the president to get somebody to help in party mobilization and they chose Twadong as the best candidate for the job.

“In fact, I was the very person who told Twadong about the position even before the President informed him.”

Wife campaigning for him

The Prime Minister also clarified rumours about his wife that she had been travelling across the country campaigning for him.

He said that his wife travelled across the country to campaign for him during the Secretary General elections after he was too busy with government business.

Mbabazi noted that this followed after his rivals started travelling across the country lying to Ugandans that he had withdrawn from contesting on the Secretary General post.

He added that after learning of the rumours, he sent his wife across the country to inform people that he was contesting.

Mbabazi noted that President Museveni stopped Jacqueline and summoned her to state house where she confirmed having been campaigning for her husband as the party Secretary General, which he later overwhelmingly won.

The Premier noted that Central Executive Committee led by Minister Najjemba was trying to censure him claiming his wife had embarked on a countrywide campaign to front Mbabazi as the President in the next election.

“Najjemba was accusing me in the caucus meeting of failure to tame my wives and I don’t know how many wives I have.”


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