Mbabazi Donates Shs21.6m to Kigezi Diocese


buy information pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Mbabazi handed over Shs 21.6m as family contribution towards the completion of the Revival hall to Bishop George Bagamuhunda of Kigezi diocese, pledging more support to complete the work estimated to cost Shs 40m.

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This was at the Thanksgiving service for the family of Reverend Canon Geresomu and Everina Ruhindi on Sunday, at Saint Peter’s Cathedral Rugarama in Kabale where the congregation also contributed Shs 1.2m towards the revival hall completion.

The family was celebrating the long life God has granted Reverand Canon Ruhindi and his wife Everina who are now 99 and 84 years respectively.

The Prime Minister’s wife, Jacqueline Mbabazi is one of the nine daughters of Rev.Canon Geresomu and Everina Ruhindi.

They were also celebrating God’s blessings upon the family and the successful travel of Canon Ruhindi and wife to the holy land of Israel.

Mbabazi said he had discussed with prominent sons and daughters of Kigezi the need to recognise men and women who have been instrumental in spreading the word of God in the region.

The revival movement which spread across the country from Rwanda through Kigezi brought about spiritual renewal and salvation among Christians and also promoted education and development in the region.

Premier Mbabazi said, although his father in-law was not a rich man, he had invested all the resources he had in educating his children, and God had responded by blessing his family abundantly.

“It’s right and proper therefore, to have this thanksgiving service to God for the blessings he has bestowed upon this family in many ways,” Mbabazi said.

He also said he was planning to move a motion in Parliament for the country to have a national thanksgiving day in honour of the blessings God has bestowed upon the nation.

Retired Bishop George Katwesigye, in his sermon, thanked Reverend Ruhindi for his commitment to serving the church and loving his family and wife in particular.

He said Canon Ruhindi, who started serving the church in the 1960’s is a very disciplined and principled man whom God has loved as a result of his obedience.

The service was attended by, among others, Bishops and other religious leaders, district officials and family friends.


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