Somali Forces, AMISOM Seize Another Al Shabaab Stronghold


dosage geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In a move that shocked many, and the militants went on a rampage destroying the main water pump and even going to the point of covering up the well with stones in order to deny water to returning Somalis whom they had rendered homeless in the first place when they captured the town a year ago.

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The terrorist also ransacked shops and stores taking away food before storming the main Hudur hospital sweep off medicines from shelves. Schools were not spared either by the callous terrorist’s tail of destruction that left the town bleeding.

Hudur is the regional capital of Bakool and was an Al-Shabaab stronghold for the last one year until AMISOM and Somalia forces dethroned Al-Shabaab on March 10 after the terrorists melted away without putting up any major resistance.

As a result of the Al-Shabaab vandalism, food prices in Hudur have shot up as scarcity continues to bite prompting AMISOM and Somalia to appeal for urgent humanitarian assistance to be extended to the poor population in Hudur and other liberated areas in Somalia badly affected by the Al-Shabaab moment of madness and disregard for life.

Hudur is now slowly recovering from this unprecedented social and economic annihilation by Al-Shabaab targeted at increasing the suffering of the war weary population.

The relative stability the town is now enjoying has seen residents with the help of the government pick themselves up and start rebuilding their shattered life with the resumption of water services and other basic needs.

AMISOM Sector 3 commander Brigadier General Gebremedhin Fikadu recently visited Hudur and Burdubo towns in Bakool and Gedo region to console the affected population and asses their needs.

During his visits, he met with local AMISOM and Somalia National army commanders to congratulate them for their bravery.

He also met with elders and local administration to sympathize with them and assure them of AMISOM continuous support and help.

“I came to thank you for your support to AMISOM and Somalia government without which we would not have liberated Hudur from Al-Shabaab.

AMISOM is aware of the difficulties you are going through following the Al-Shabaab vandalism” he said adding that “We have appealed the world to come forward and help you during this difficult period,” Brig. Gen. Gebremedhin told Hudur elders.

Halima Hassan, a shopkeeper in Hudur said business is slowly picking up even though the purchasing power of locals is fast diminishing due to lack of income.

“Our supply of food and other basic commodities is not replenished because vehicles do not come. A small sack of sugar now costs $75 USD, half a sack of rice costs $40 USD. Business is low, there are no clients and no food in the town too that is the problem we are facing. Al-Shabaab has just proved to us how much they want us to perish after they cut off our water supply and looted our food. They wanted us dead but God is great because our government and AMISOM come to our rescue to save us from the pangs of hunger,” she said looking frail.



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