Why SC Villa Won’t Smell Scent of League Trophy


remedy geneva; color: #222222;”>Safe from relegation this season, search yes, but they remain six points behind the table leaders Vipers SC and won’t make much progress either.

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Players’ Salaries

SC Villa players have gone six months without being paid a single coin, according to inside sources.

The players are aware that even if they win the title, there is no assurance of being paid salaries for the last unpaid months.

Fans factor

The club used to have one of the largest fan bases, especially with the arrival of Godfrey Walusimbi and Emmanuel Okwi, but since their departure to Gor Mahia and Young Africans respectively, fans lost hope in the team’s performance.

This means even the revenue from gate collection which would have been given to players decreased.

The Coach

Having realised that his deal to join Kira Young was a flop, SC Villa coach, Steven Bogere, doesn’t give much time to Villa because his woes at the club haven’t ceased either.

The influence of the coach at the pitch ranges from organising, calculating and correcting mistakes on and off the pitch but Bogere doesn’t seem to be interested at all.

Coach Bogere (Photo by New Vision)

Form of the players

None of Villa players is on-form right now and no Villa player has made it to the final squad of the Cranes for some time.

So, with other clubs like Vipers fronting the likes of Mia Farouk who scores day and night, Villa cant catch-up.

Incompetent team management

Villa officials starting with the current leader, Salongo, are said to be incompetent.

If the club has no money, it’s better to come out as a leader and explain the financial problems rather than just running away and hiding from players the way Salongo does.

Martin Elongati, a Villa player, stopped training with the club after missing his salary and allowances without an explanation.

Number of games remaining to end the season

Villa has nine games to play before the end of the season; can they win all the games without drawing or losing?

Future of the coach

He may not have joined Kira, but Bogere the head coach, will determine his destination at the end of the season.


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