Uganda Athletics Coach Sex Scandal Worsens


cialis 40mg geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%; background-color: #ffffff;”>“Since the Federation is denying to have received our petition about our fellow athletes being abused sexually, order we must act immediately to show the Federation how sad it is,’’ explained one of the athletes who preferred anonymity.

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Media reports showed that a certain coach sexually abused the athletes after promising them that “they were to perform well’’ if they accepted to have sex ahead of the event.

Athletes say it is not the first time for that coach to come out with such a crazy philosophy.

However, since the athletes copied their complaint to Uganda Police, Assistant IGP, Andrew Sorowen, showed interest in helping the athletes detain the coach as the investigations will be going on about the case.

Talking to KFM on Saturday, Sorowen said, “the police is ready to help athletes for the betterment of the games. Even the action itself by the coach is a police case’’.

Uganda Athletics Federation up to now denies receiving any communication from the athletes about sexual abuse.

“We haven’t received a complaint from athletes but in case we get it, we have a disciplinary committee that can handle the matters,’’ recounts Namayo Mawerere ,the Federation’s spokesperson.


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