Why Rabadaba Left Wife Sheila For Flavia


page http://chompdigital.com/wp-includes/media-template.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>While it is known that the lugaflow star officially belongs to a one Sheila Ferguson, about it something else has been happening.

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Gets new catch

Well, on top of bringing Rabadaba’s music career back on track, some woman only identified as Flavia has been providing him with social amenities.

Apart from giving him her heart, the lady has also provided Rabadaba with a new car and house, according to our sources.

“She also paid Rabadaba’s rent at the Bukesa house.”

Not surprising still, Flavia talked the singer into shifting from Nalya to Muyenga where she resides and had already booked for him a cool pad.

“Now the pair shares the same neighbourhood making communication easier.

Sources tell us that Flavia owns a house in Ntinda but because the father of her son lives in the nearby Najera, she opted to rent it out and acquire an apartment in Muyenga.

So the new couple sought “asylum” over there.

Not to demean him as an official chauffeur (since there is no appointment letter to prove that), whispers say, Rabadaba drops Flavia at work and picks her up in evenings.

It has been like this since December last year.

“Rabadaba now spends most of his time at Face Studio cooking new songs. But like a real woman who loves her man, Flavia even imported clothes that Rabadaba recently used in his video AKOKYA.

Rabadaba and Sheila

Like we said, Rabadaba’s real wife is Sheila Ferguson who works and lives in UK.

Those were the days

They got married in October 2011 and now have 2 children.

She is a professional choreographer and fashion designer.

Rabadaba’s close pals told us that after learning about her husband’s affair with Flavia; she labelled it a betrayal and threatened divorce.

Sheila is now working hard to save her marriage and keep Rabadaba to his matrimonial promises.

When a woman says in an interview ”I have never regretted losing my virginity to him because he was the right man for me”, you know she is there to stay.

But away from Rabadaba’s wife and his current catch, there was another only identified as Swit Angelica.

Swit Angelica, trying so hard to get a whiff of the limelight, became to lous and too visible.


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