Rwakakamba: Postponing 2016 Polls a Joke


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In the new Bill titled, ‘Presidential, Parliamentary and LC extension Bill 2014,’ some NRM legislators in support of postponement of the election claim that the country needs enough time and resources to be able to blend in the freshly introduced electoral reforms, for a free and fair election.

Government and the Electoral Commission have vehemently refuted knowledge of this proposal.

Rwakakamba argues that MPs behind the postponement of the election exercise could be interested in prolonging their stay in power in fear of being kicked out of Parliament by their constituents.

“The attrition rate (a reduction or decrease in numbers, size, or strength) for MPs in Uganda is around 60 percent. This means only, around 40 percent come back to the House every election circle. It is therefore most likely that MPs proposing this move and those supporting them are seriously unpopular and feel their only hope to stay in parliament is by pushing elections beyond 2016,” says Rwakakamba.

“At Presidential level, we haven’t had this sort of attrition. I can therefore put it bare that President Museveni can’t be behind such move. He is not scared of elections and he abhors schemes that are aimed at disenfranchising Ugandans.”


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