Why Singers Chris Evans, Haruna Fell Out


seek http://cmd-kenya.org/components/com_newsfeeds/router.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”>In 2013, http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-d646ae41829484bc1feb32aeb8bc64c9.php media houses listed him among the 256 best Ugandan music artistes of all time in songs.

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Evans who sings primarily in his mother tongue (Luganda), has already released more that 10 singles in 2014; Owekisa, Rihana, Bwolonda, Ndikusasuliki and so on.

He recently joined Cream Production where he got misunderstandings with another powerful singer Haruna Mubiru and then left the group.

Evans told ChimpLyf that he “can’t straggle for free. In the beginning, we made an agreement with Haruna that he would pay me a salary which he failed to do”.

Haruna Mubiru

“There are other issues which I can’t explain. But I decided to quit after releasing that I was going to spend all my energy and time for nothing.”

He adds: “It is not good to stick to one style of doing anything.”

Meanwhile, Evans is cooking up a concert in August.

He composes and sings in a genre of Ugandan music known as Kidandali.


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