New Publicist, Hussein, Opens Fresh Scandals At FUFA


buy more about geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Hussein, also the FUFA spokesperson, is said to have taken charge of all sports activities, something many fear will result into chaos.

A renowned sports commentator, Hussein has now assumed the role of sports promoter upon which he is busy influencing sports bodies to scrap all transports facilitation given to journalists, according to inside sources.

“This started last year when Hussein formed his so-called Harm Agency which has taken over sports bodies like Basketball, Beach Soccer, University League, City Tyre Football Tournament and Hockey,” a source told ChimpSport.

Recently, the FUFA publicist nearly exchanged punches with one TV reporter who accused him of not being considerate to young journalists, continued our source.

“Hussein vowed never to forgive that journalist.

Not long ago, pursues a source, Hussein hired a photographer to take pictures of the league but the two split bitterly because of money issues.

“The FUFA spokesperson has further become very selective in availing information because he is dealing with a clique of journalists.

“I have my people I work with, therefore, I don’t care even if you don’t cover my function,” he was overheard saying.

Creating A Website

After realising that many journalists were shunning FUFA weekly press conferences, Hussein decided to post (PR) news on the FUFA website for armed-chair journalists.

Meanwhile, one of the University Sports Association leaders has vowed to take the matter to the right bodies for discussion to find ways of promoting their brand.

Wrangles In Beach Soccer

There have been gross misunderstandings between sponsors about broadcasting beach soccer on NTV.

This followed a heated exchange between the FUFA spokesperson and NTV’s sports reporter.

Ever since, Pepsi, the sponsors, are wondering why their brand is never broadcasted.

Currently, many editors are not happy with their kickbacks that have never been processed by the FUFA spokesperson.

“Worst of all, the current FUFA President is not one who will release money that easily.”

“So, he encourages Hussein to carry on since there is no money in FUFA.

Nearly fought Aldrine Nsubuga over a radio show

Aldrine Nsubuga, a renowned Liverpool fan, nearly exchanged blows with Hussein after each personality claimed to own the show.

Amidst strong tension, Sanyu management stopped Nsubuga from conducting the show after Hussein threatened to antagonise the sponsorship of the said show.

More is coming.


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