Rope Pulling As Kenyan MPs Endorse Polygamy


sildenafil geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“Men will be free to marry as many women as they please, and they will not have to consult their wives before doing it, ” according to the new law.

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As such the House revised the Marriage Bill, which had given wives the right to be consulted before their husbands take a second wife.

“All marriages must be registered and the minimum age of marriage is set in law. This will protect children, especially girls, from early marriages,” according to the bill.

“On Thursday, male MPs, who are the majority, united in support of a proposal to delete a clause in the Marriage Bill requiring consultation before another wife is married.”

However, the Women MPs are said to had stormed out of the House in disgust, condemning the amendment as unfair to women.

The Daily Nation further quotes Justice and Legal Affairs Committee chairman, Samuel Chepkong’a, who said that when a woman marries under customary law, she understands that the marriage is open to polygamy.

“Any time a man comes home with a woman, that would be assumed to be a second or third wife. Under customary law, women or wives you have married do not need to be told when you’re coming home with a second or third wife. Any lady you bring home is your wife,” Mr Chepkong’a was quoted as saying.

On the ontrary, Ms Regina Nthambi (Kilome, Wiper) observed that: “Not all women are able to organise marriages in church. The law is not for us only. It is for all women in Kenya. We’re not going to favour you men. This Bill is for women.”

(Daily Nation)


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