Bwanika: Opposition Can’t Capture Power Via Riots


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At his party’s weekly press brief in Kampala, Bwanika showed gratitude to those that had managed to pile pressure on government and cause some change through demonstrations, but underpinned the need for newer and more robust strategies.

“Demonstrations alone will never cause regime change, I think this we all have realised,” he said.

“While we appreciate the many things that we have achieved through violent street protests, opposition should know that there are many other tools that can be utilised to bring about change.”

He added that many people especially in urban areas still had faith in these protests but that the biggest chunk of the population would wish for other alternatives.

“Let’s now sit down as opposition and devise strategies. Many Ugandans believe in dialogue; let’s engage them on that with more earnestness.”

He further called for an opposition party retreat, in which they would all sit and evaluate their struggle, as well as tools of operation and how successful they have been, so that newer and better ones can be adopted.

Bwanika’s comments come at a time police is on the alert as when majority of opposition parties rally being impeached Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, who has vowed to use violent means to curtail the Electoral Commission from conducting a by-election to refill his post at City Hall.


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