South Sudan

‘IGAD Force Will Protect Selfish Regional Interests’


treat geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>We feel extremely concerned that although the decision was taken with good intention, remedy it will not contribute towards achieving a prompt and lasting peace in the country.

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We envisage that in this current volatile situation, where the warring parties are campaigning to rally regional military and political support, the sending over of this force will lead to regionalisation of the conflict.

It is obvious that some of the IGAD’s state members who will contribute into the force have strong economic interests to protect in the country and their impartiality can never be guaranteed.

An example where the regional interests fueled internal conflict is evident in DRC, where the countries that contributed peace keeping forces to restore stability in the country, ended up directly or indirectly supporting one group of the warring parties against another.

As a result, much of the DRC resources were looted and the strife went out of hand.

The current situation in South Sudan does not require an additional regional force besides the 10,000 UNMISS personal already deployed in the country.

Instead, the existing UMISS forces should be strengthened and increased in number to enhance the protection of civilian.

As we remained neutral and non Parisian entity, we call upon the IGAD to reverse the decision of deploying this force for the sake of immediate realization of peace in the country.

We also call on the government of South Sudan and the opposition to expedite the peace process to avoid more external interferences.

More importantly, we strongly urge IGAD to expedite the deployment of Verification and Monitoring Teams which was signed and agreed upon by both parties to monitor any violation of Cessation of Hostilities (COH) agreement.

In conclusion, we again call on the IGAD mediation to rethink the decision of deploying the force and to pressurise the two parties to honor the cessation of hostilities they signed in order to achieve a quick and final political settlement to the conflict.

Despite the current polarisation, we still strongly believe that South Sudanese are capable of resolving their differences amicably.

South Sudan must be placed above any individual and party interest.

We, therefore, call on all South Sudanese people regardless of their political and ethnic affiliations to embrace peace, unity, tolerance and to put the nation’s interest above personal or group interest.

With our solidarity and togetherness, we stood firm against the oppressor and obtained our independence.

In the same spirit, let us unite and stand together to build our young nation.

Long live the people of South Sudan!!

Long live the republic of South Sudan!!

Long live our hard won independence!!

South Sudan University Student Union in Ethiopia (SSUSE)

Signed by:


Tut Jal Chol



Martin Iko

Deputy President


John Youhanes Magok

Secretary General


Joseph peter

Deputy S.G


Akuur Monylang

Secretary of Finance


Deng Duol Pur

Deputy of Finance


Omot Otong Omot

Secretary of Information


Santino Andrew

Secretary of Academic Affairs


Marry Yor Amot

Deputy of Academic Affairs


Akuei Herjok Akuom

Secretary of External Affairs


Marry Naparata

Secretary of Gender and Equality


Puok James Wicuoth

Secretary of Sports and Culture


Nyakoat Bichok Dor

Deputy of Sports and Culture


Koat Gatkuoth Thoat

Secretary of Social Affairs


Gai Puot Luk

Deputy of Social Affairs.


Tulith Koang Diew

Secretary of Party Affairs


Grace Riel Gatluak

Deputy of Party Affairs


Sebit Nyang Mabor

Secretary of Strategy & planning


Koang Nyang

Deputy of Strategy & Planning


James khat Gatkouth

Secretary of Protocol


Gatluak Gatdor Yoach

Secretary of Auditing General


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