Anti-Gay Law: Israel Won't Meddle In Uganda's Affairs


cost geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>While in a meeting with Uganda’s Foreign Minister, cost Okello Oryem, in Kampala recently, the Israeli Ambassador to Uganda, H.E. Gil Haskel, revealed that Israel has not joined other countries to condemn the Anti-Homosexuality Law because Israel does not believe in meddling with other countries’ internal policies.

Following the signing of the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law last month by the Ugandan President, several reactions rose from different western states that condemned the Act as being against human rights and freedoms.

This prompted countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway to withdraw the donations that she has been offering Uganda which has notably affected the country’s economy ever since.

Currently, the United States is considering sending health experts to meet President Museveni as part of wider plan to have the Anti-Homosexuality Law repealed.

While signing the law, President Museveni noted that he had delayed the signing of the bill requesting for an explanation as to whether gays are genetically born or are just made.

The European Union Parliament has Thursday passed three separate resolutions among which is calling for urgent political dialogue with Uganda and Nigeria under the Cotonou Agreement on the recent laws against homosexuals.

The lawmakers said the recent laws in Uganda (“Anti-Homosexuality Act”) and Nigeria (“Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill”) violate Article 9(2) of the Cotonou Agreement on human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law.

They called on the Commission to launch “urgent political dialogue not later than at the EU-Africa Summit” which is expected in April.


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