Fagil Mandy Faces Axe At Uneb


web geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Following the compiled report by the Inspector General of Government (IGG), order Ms Irene Mulyagonja, on the conduct of the Uneb Chairman, the IGG has called up on the President “to consider reviewing his decision of appointing Mr Mandy as Uneb’s chairperson.

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The report dated March 17; Ms Mulyagonja has accused Mandy of interfering with the recruitment of the executive secretary following the ending of Mr Mathew Bukenya’s term in office.

Mulyagonja has noted that Mandy not only interfered with management of Uneb by directly giving orders to the staff without going through the secretariat but also sidelined the executive secretary contrary to the lawful procedures.

“It appears that Mr Mandy’s temperament and methods of management are not suitable for the position he holds.”

“He rubs people the wrong way and could potentially cause a total breakdown of the examinations body,” Ms Mulyagonja writes in the report.

Mulyagonja has further remarked that the functions performed by Uneb demanded a lot of care and a definite audit trail, which is obviously incompatible with Mr Mandy’s style of oversight.

“His casual approach to procurement and personalisation of sensitive tasks such as the recruitment of executive secretary and the problems in the ICT department open him up to all sorts of suspicion.”

She has, therefore, ordered the Uneb to conduct fresh interviews for its executive secretary noting that the earlier process was interfered with.

“It is therefore ordered that the recruitment process be terminated and all proceedings prior to the interviews as well as the interviews that were held on December 31, 2013, be nullified,” reads the report.

“The recruitment process for the new executive secretary for Uneb should be re-started, from the very beginning by drafting the person specifications for the position taking into consideration the Uneb personnel manual,” the report adds.

Mandy is allegedly accused of working around the globe to ensure that a new executive secretary of his own by names of John Bosco Ntangaare is installed to replace Mr Bukenya who masterminded the interview process late last year.


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