Mao Intervenes In Makerere Guild Row As Polls Kick Off

Mao with Makerere University Leaders

http://cusanus-studierende.de/wp-includes/class-wp-embed.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Mr Ivan Bwowe, one of the candidates has manifested great clout during the campaigns and many have their bet on his victory.

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But he is going to the poll without a single blessing from his much loved Democratic Party, which instead has branded him a selfish impostor.

Bwowe lost in the party primaries to Ms Sarah Aseru under circumstances that he is not contented with, and he decided to present himself on an independent ticket.

This sparked outrage amongst student party members, to the extent that National Party President, Norbert Mao’s intervention had to be sought.

In a meeting with the two candidates and other UYD leaders at the Campus Guild Canteen, Bwowe refused to yield to Mao’s calls to step aside and give way for Aseru.

“I listened intently to both of them and I knew that in the heat of campaigns, it is possible that party interests may be sacrificed on the altar, for personal ambitions,” said Mao in a statement.

It was resolved in the meeting that Aseru carries the party flag in the poll and Bwowe was declared an impostor ‘who is discrediting the party simply because he is best suited for the guild post’.

“As party leaders at national level, we have decided that his defiant action smacks of manifest indiscipline and sets a bad precedent.”

“As a result of Bwowe’s candidature, our supporters are divided and confused as he has decided to cling on the known colours and slogans associated with DP… If we turn a blind eye to this kind of impunity, the party loses, and if the party loses, we all lose,” added Mao.

Despite the party curses, Mr Bwowe, thanks to his excellent abilities to engage the crowds, leadership experience and the numerous sacrifices he has made for students welfare, he remains a darling to many.

Last year, he was among the students expelled by the university administration for their hand in protests against a new unpopular fees policy, only to be readmitted on court orders.

On the other hand, daughter to State Minister for Local Government Alex Onzima, Ms Sarah Aseru’s support is being tainted by allegations that she is only but an NRM mole in DP, as well as accusations that she used her financial muscle to manipulate the primaries.


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