Museveni: How Western Wolves, Rob African Lambs of Their Lives


see sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>As I address the Pan-African Parliament, view I remember two portions from the Christian scriptures.

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One is from our Lords’ Prayer. The relevant portion I am interested in says: “Thou shalt not lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil.” The one is from the Book of Isaiah Chapter 11 verse 6. It says: “the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the Leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and fatling together; and a little shall lead them.”

The first quotation prays that we should not be led into temptation. Africa should not tempt the greedy people to come and colonise us by being weak.

The second portion talks about the Kingdom of heaven in paradise where the wolf will peacefully co-exist with the lamb.

Unfortunately we are still here on earth. We are not yet in paradise. Wolves still eat lambs here on earth.

Certainly a wolf cannot lie with lamb and certainly a young child cannot lead them all!

I have, therefore, come here today to talk to you about the wolves and the lambs here on earth.

When I addressed the South African Parliament the other time when my sister Gertrude Magella was still the Speaker, I said, suppose one got drunk, slept by the road side and someone stole his money, who is to blame?

Yes, you may blame the thief for not being Christian enough but the primary responsibility was yours.

Why did you make yourself vulnerable?

The problem in Africa is that after we got independence, we did not analyze why we had in the first place got colonised and rectify the weaknesses.

We relaxed and started enjoying power of individual countries; one small country here, another there, forgetting that here on earth wolves still eat lambs.

Take for instance, the contemptuous attitude of NATO towards African Presidents who were mandated by the African Union, a continental body of 54 states, to resolve the issues in Libya.

Our late friend Muammar Qaddafi had his own issues. I fought him twice. In 1972, he sided with Idi Amin.

He said Idi Amin was a Muslim and that is why he sided with him.

The problem was not that Idi Amin was Muslim, he was a problem to Uganda.

We had to fight Qaddafi because Idi Amin was a problem to Uganda.

In 1979, he again sided with Idi Amin. I had to fight him.

In the end we made peace.

When the conflict began in Libya, the African Union formed a committee of six African Presidents.

I was one of them. We were mandated to look for a solution for Libya.

One time the Excellencies including the Chairman African Union, President Jacob Zuma and my Foreign Affairs Minister entered a plane to go to Libya and mediate.

They were told by NATO to go back.

Imagine African Presidents on African soil, on an African mission, with the African Union’s mandate, to be ordered by NATO not to land.

In Swahili we call that tharau, contempt.

Your Presidents, six Excellencies, were ordered to go back. They did not listen to us, killed Qadafi, now Libya is in tatters.

Mali, Chad, Egypt, the whole area is in flames! You see where you are?


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