Uganda Gets Cheapest Call Rates In Smart Telecom


this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The move is likely to kick off a price war in the telecom industry as the old guard moves swiftly yo safeguard its market from the new competitor.

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case geneva; color: #222222;”>Industrial Promotion Services (IPS), stomach the infrastructure and industrial development arm of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED), on Monday announced it is to enter the East African telecommunications market, under the company name, SMART, which was chosen as the name by the people of East Africa in an innovative voting campaign.

The launch will enable AKFED to expand its unique and proven social enterprise business model into Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda with a focus on innovation and customer service.

The IPS network has extensive knowledge and experience in the telecommunications industry. It is the majority shareholder of Roshan, Afghanistan’s leading total communications provider and a significant stakeholder in TCell, the leading operator in Tajikistan.

IPS is also the largest single investor in the SEACOM submarine cable venture in East Africa.

Timeturns, IPS’s partner in SMART, brings to the partnership an established track record of starting telecommunications companies in Nepal and Cambodia and building them into leading market players.

The launch of SMART will also combine AKFED’s experience of making long-term investments with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and building economically sound enterprises, which provide employment opportunities and improve the lives of people.

In East Africa, AKFED’s investments include the Serena Hotels, Diamond Trust Bank, Jubilee Insurance Group, the Nation Media Group and a diverse portfolio of projects in infrastructure (Bujagali and Tsavo power projects) as well as manufacturing.

“Our work in telecoms, particularly with Roshan in Central Asia, proves that community initiatives and investment – in public infrastructure, health services, and education – is central to building a successful business in emerging markets and differentiates us from the competition,” said Lutaf Kassam, Managing Director of IPS.

“We are looking forward to many years of building on the investments that sister AKDN organizations have been making across Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda for more than 100 years.”

SMART will enter these markets with a commitment to embracing local cultures and values and improving the communities in which it operates.

A prime example of this commitment is the process by which the name of the company was chosen. The Give Us A Name Campaign, was launched in late 2013 to encourage East Africans to recommend and then vote on a name for the company.

The campaign attracted more than 70,000 unique name submissions in its two phases of nomination and subsequent voting. The campaign is emblematic of SMART’s intended focus on bringing innovative ideas to the East African market and to being customer focused.


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