Lukwago At Crossroads On Mayoral Elections


cheap http://darkriver.net/wp-admin/includes/screen.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>This follows his Democratic Party’s Tuesday announcement that it would not allow any of its members to take part in the looming elections organized to fill up his vacant seat at City Hall.

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In his address to journalists at the party offices in Kampala delivered by UYD President Mr Gerald Kiranda, DP President Norbert Mao asserted that the party was not about to take part in such a sham election.

“We are not part of this cannibalistic regime and that is why we are not preparing any candidate to fill up the Lord Mayor Post.”

He added, “We cannot claim to be democrats and yet go ahead to take part in such an unconstitutional process.”

Lukwago has filed a case in High Court seeking to block the Poll which he say unconstitutionally challenges a standing court declaration that he is still Kampala’s Lord Mayor.

Various Opposition parties yesterday joined in and vowed to challenge the election in all possible ways including mobilizing the masses to fight those that partake in it. They noted that participating in the election was an equivalent of legitimizing the whole process.

Lukwago however has not openly expressed disinterest in taking part in this election.

Indeed in November last year, close to the release of Justice Bamugemereire’s tribunal report that orchestrated his impeachment, Lukwago had told the media that his remaining option was to prepare for another election.

“I can state categorically that I am privy to the contents [of the report] and they have falsely implicated me on two counts, but I am not shaken. I am now prepared for the by election.”

Chimpreports understands that DP’s Tuesday announcement has not been informed by consultation with the Lord Mayor, let alone his consent to abscond from the election.

“Yes we did not consult with him, but we certainly needn’t. Our party principles are very clear, we cannot condone lawlessness, and therefore with or without his consent, our stance remains that he is not carrying our card to represent us in that sham election,” a senior party official told us on Tuesday.

Contacted on his party announcement this morning, Lukwago declined commenting on whether or not he intended to partake in the by-election.

“You said you were from the party headquarters, why don’t you just publish what they told you,” he responded, before cutting the line.

Clueless on what the outcome of the court ruling will be, there has been hopes amongst Lukwago’s supporters, that having swept the initial 2011 poll with a landslide 64.4 percent, he holds a better chance of winning this election, since he faces the same closest challenger Peter Sematimba.

The EC has already written to the country’s oldest political party along with other parties informing them of the vacant mayoral post and asking them to front their respective candidates and election observers.

If the court ruling doesn’t come out in his favor, and police as always manages to neutralize the street protests against the election, this could effectively cut short the Lord Mayor’s five-year term in office.


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