Why President Kiir Must Go


capsule geneva; font-size: small;”>President Salva Kiir and his gangs have abused the trust bestowed upon them by our people who have been yearning for development, drug peace and tranquility after long years of persecution and suffering.

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The events of 15th and 16th December 2013 that saw massive killings of over 10.000 and displacement of over a million people have left a scar in our conscience that would not go any soon; a situation that spawned a climate of fear and hatred among the people of one aim and past misfortune.

Unfortunately, South Sudan has turned politically unsafe, economically bereft and socially unforgivable because of the underlying deep hatred, sense of mistrust, division and antagonism along the line of tribal mayhem.

President Salva Kiir has underestimated this reality; he has been acting without any due regards to these sensitive sentiments and repercussions lying just beneath the surface.

He started unprovoked to behave like an enraged wounded buffalo undermining interests of other political groups and communities who are part and partial of this young nation.

We would like to admit here that what happened on 15-16 December 2013 was uncalled for, it is in fact a plot carefully designed to crack down opponents and to silent them because of their persistent demand to effect changes through party internal mechanism.

There was no any justifiable reason for President Kiir and his entourage to turn internal political squabble into campaign of terror and full-scale tribal war, which let to the savage killings of many innocent lives in a scale never witnessed before even during the liberation struggle.

A campaign that left many unaccounted for and scores without food and shelter.

We hold Kiir and other sycophants in his Cabinet responsible for what took place in Juba especially, the subsequent massacre that engulfed our family members in Malakal and the entire people of the greater Upper Nile Region in reflection to massive bloodbath witnessed in Juba and other parts of south Sudan.

Therefore, we the undersigned individuals strongly condemn Kiir’s regime, which does not care about lives and plights of our citizens and declare here to join SPLA/M-in-Opposition.

Together we shall exert efforts aiming at a total change for better democratic South Sudan, where rule of law, nationhood and reign of civility prevails.

Authored by Hon. Tijwog Hather Agwet, Former Presidential Advisor, RSS and Mr. Gwado J. Ador Former Director for Training and Research, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.


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