South Sudan

Kiir’s Publicist Denies Harassing Journalists


viagra geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Not long ago, website like this the Information Minister Michael Makuei lashed at press for publishing pro-rebel stories which threatened to deal with.

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Quite to the contrary, Ateny claims that National Security has never questioned journalists at any one point.

“I have not received any calls regarding anyone that has been stopped by National Security,” he was quoted as saying.

“But some journalists are brought into National Security offices to receive an advice because some journalists are very irresponsible and they write very irresponsibly.”

Ateny told VOA News that “the government of South Sudan is not harassing journalists but the journalists are very irresponsible”.

“Some media is acting very irresponsibly, like those who are publishing articles written by rebels or those making interviews with rebels who are saying we are going to capture this city or that. These are some of the things that the law will have to deal with them.”

“We cannot as a sovereign country… be dictated to by those who want to pass their own agenda,” he clarified.

Press censorship

It should be remembered that not long after the start of the South Sudan conflict, the Government deported an Al Jazeera journalist for reporting that SPLA had been defeated by rebels.

Another journalist, Alfred Taban, was detained and questioned over an opinion piece published in his paper that was critical of a former state governor.

State security officials also seized Juba Monitor’s newspapers citing subversive ideas yet truthfully.

Credit: VOA


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