Uganda's Intellectuals Set Stage For Patriotism Debate


viagra sale for sale geneva; line-height: 200%; font-size: small;”>In the debate that lasted two hours, order participants discussed the merits and demerits of the envisaged Bill on patriotism, viagra 60mg which, if enacted, would compel Ugandans to show patriotism by defending the country’s assets and confronting its enemies such as corruption.

Researcher and media personality, Angelo Izama, denounced the idea of compelling Ugandans to love their country.

He called for a national debate to reach a broad consensus on how Uganda should be run, arguing that the military and political elite continue to fight for power.

Angelo Izama addressing participants

Giving an insightful background of Uganda’s turbulent political history, Izama rooted for the separation of powers among state institutions and harnessing the intrinsic value of state symbols to build a stronger national identity and patriotic character among citizens.

Former ACODE boss, Godber Tumushabe said government must invest heavily in education infrastructure and other social services to enable Ugandans love their country.

He further said symbols of state power such as security installations should be overhauled as a way boosting patriotism.

Appearing before the Presidential Affairs Committee recently, Presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze said while the Constitution demands Ugandans to be patriotic, there was need for a law to clearly define this obligation.

“If this Bill is enacted into law, it will be mandatory for everyone to embrace development programmes which are introduced by government. Failure to do so will lead to imprisonment or a fine,” he argued.

“This country does not belong to the current President, ministers or MPs. This law will define their responsibilities and also ensure that they do things that show that they love their country.”

In the same meeting, the Minister further noted that in government’s effort to promote its programmes, all the newly appointed RDCs will be taken to Kyankwanzi for training.

“Most of the appointed RDCs are youth who have just completed their education and need refresher courses to enable them perform their duties efficiently,” the Minister emphasised.

During the discussion at AfT, Chimpreports Managing Editor, Giles Muhame appealed to government to do things that will enable citizens love their country such as overhauling the transport infrastructure; streamlining access to economic opportunities for all; construction of state-of-art medical facilities; and supporting community-based development initiatives to enhance unity right from the grassroot level.

Leo Africa Forum boss, Awel Uwihanganye, said the National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi should be rebranded to reflect national character not simply a meeting place for NRM cadres.

Rwakakamba (L) listening to presentations

Participants further argued that the word “patriotism” sounds alien and vulgar to the ordinary Ugandan, proposing “national service” as a better term.

AfT Chief Executive Officer, Morrison Rwakakamba, said the views expressed at the function would be compiled in form of an intellectual briefing paper to ignite a broader national debate on patriotism.

Other participants included Richard Baguma, Irene Ikomu, Agaba Ronald Bills, Melina Platas Izama, Daniel Lukwago and Richard Wanambwa.

Intellectuals exchanging pleasantries after the debate


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