PROFILE: Reggae Artiste Mr Wind Turns Pastor


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While everyone thinks the Ganja man got lost in thin air, ChimpLyf still traced the singer and learnt a thing or two as the excerpts will reveal.

ChimpLyf: Who is Wind?

Wind: Im called John Mukwaya. Mr Wind is my music trademark.

I was born on December 4, 1989 to Mr Joseph Sentamu and the late Anet Nakiyimba of Mutema village, Mityana.

I love music. I love people.

ChimpLyf: When did you start singing?

Wind: Well, I left my home village in 1995 but only joined music in 2002.

I wasn’t perfect at and it would take me years up to 2008 to release my first song Juba.

I recorded it in Main Street Records and it really put me on the map. People liked the song so much giving me hope to do more.

ChimpLyf: Did you make any other song after Juba?

Wind: Yes, I have two albums. Juba, the first album has four songs.

My newest and second album is titled Twakomawo Ejuba. Gunsinze is one of the songs in this album; recorded by Badman Records.

ChimpLyf: Do you write these songs?

Wind: Yes. God gave me that gift.

ChimpLyf: Among your songs, which do you love most?

Wind: Juba! I love this song so much because it means a lot to me.

ChimpLyf: Who is your favourite Ugandan musician?

Wind: I love Sheila Nvanungi, especially because of her song Doctor.

ChimpLyf: So, what do you dream about these days in terms of music?

Wind: I want to develop my studio (Champion Record Studio).

I have also formed a Ghetto Swag Team and a modelling team which consists 15 ladies.

I hope to achieve a lot in years to come.

ChimpLyf: How about claims that drugs drove you mad? Does that explain your mysterious disappearance?

Wind: That’s not true. I just went to Juba for my personal business.

Those lies are spread by my enemies.

Actually, I stopped using drugs and I’m now a pastor.

ChimpLyf: Really?

Wind: Yeah. I left those old habits. I am man of God and I manage a church called God Servers Church here at Kazo.

I have 20 followers and I expect more to join me.

ChimpLyf: Now that you organised yourself, you must be married too!

Wind: I was but we got some misunderstandings with my partner.

You know family issues. Now I live alone.

ChimpLyf: Any kids?

Wind: I have one daughter Shibera. I love her so much.

ChimpLyf: What is your kind of attire?

Wind: Mambo queens designs. Specially imported from Canada.


In 2006, Kiwanuka Ben a.k.a Main Ben and Mukwaya John a.k.a Mr Wind formed Main Street Crew.

Main Ben and Mr. Wind met in school in 1994 – St Balikudembe and that is when they started to sing.

They used to perform for a group called “Saka” which was the school choir where they performed mainly Choral music.

Besides performing choral music they also performed urban music; mimed songs and also did original compositions.

This group also consisted of Da Twins who are now based in the United Kingdom.

After St Balikudembe, Ben went to St Lawrence Creamland Campus while Mr Wind went to Kololo Senior Secondary School.

During this time they never did much musically. They concentrated on their studies.

After St Lawrence Main Ben headed to Makerere University where he pursued a degree in Bachelor in Business Administration where he majored in Accounting and he graduated in 2003.

Main Ben then worked with Radio Buddu in Masaka as an Accountant till last year in June when the contract expires and he was not willing to renew it.

While at Radio Buddu he did different projects like training workers in production skills, skits and he also got training in production sound recording skills.

The radio station crew was trained by Dechuvela, a German Group. Apart from accounting he also did a lot of work in production in his free time. He learnt different programs used in production.

At this time Main Ben used to coordinate with Mr Wind who was busy pursuing his music career and had recorded with various people like Kasiwukira, Steve Jean.

Before he left Radio Buddu they got together with Mr. Wind and did “Tuzze” meaning we have come but never released the audio version of the song, the video was supplied to various TV stations.

Their song “Obagambe” is still playing on WBS, EATV and UBC.


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