NRM Turmoil Worsens Over Amama Ambitions


this web http://currencymeter.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/taxonomy-product_cat.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Sources say former spymaster, http://clothesthatwork.org/wp-admin/includes/theme-install.php Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi nearly exchanged blows with Amama at the Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting last evening over whether MP should start early grassroot campaigns for Museveni.

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Mbabazi and some of his supporters had earlier argued that the position should remain open to enable the Delegates Conference decide on who should be elected the party’s flag bearer in the upcoming presidential elections.

This caused a storm, as many CEC members accused Mbabazi of betrayal and attempting to undermine the Kyankwanzi resolution.

“What we decided at Kyankwanzi and the resolutions of subsequent caucus meetings is the official stand of the party and that is what we shall abide by. If Mbabazi wants to divert from this position, he will do so at his own risk,” Muhwezi, who represents the historicals, told the meeting.

Museveni did not chair the meeting given that he is in South Africa to address the Pan African Parliament. MP David Bahati chaired the stormy session.

Amama has on several occasions denied reports he intends to stand for President in 2016 but his latest actions continue to worry President Museveni’s strategists that his Prime Minister is secretly mobilising to take over the highest political office in the land.

The Secretary General NRM Youth League, Robert Rutaro, yesterday accused Mbabazi of betraying the NRM and President Museveni.

“According to recent utterances and information in public domain, Hon. Amama Mbabazi, the party Secretary General, has indicated that he will offer himself as a Presidential candidate to challenge his master and appointing authority. In my opinion, this intention is nothing but betrayal of the person of the President, given their personal close relationship as we all know it. There is no doubt that Mbabazi would not be what he is if it were not for the supportive and protective hand of President Museveni,” charged Rutaro.

“Unlike others with similar plans like Prof. Bukenya Gilbert, the Prime Minister has tactfully concealed his intentions and has always denied expressly that he will challenge President Museveni for the top job, however his recent utterances at the media briefing he held at his Kololo residence speak the contrary,” he added.

“In his own words Mr. Mbabazi said he is a tested cadre and that he will stand for President if chosen by the party. But as the secretary General, he knows better how the NRM party chooses its flag bearers, thus it is clear that he intends to influence the change of the tradition of not holding primary elections for presidential candidates, then he will contest against President Museveni at the Namboole delegates conference, and if chosen (which he calls the “party giving him the assignment”) he is ready.”

Rutaro further slammed Amama for “criticising the Kyankwanzi resolution as being inconsequential and erroneous, as such resolution can only be passed by the NEC.”

He added: “Whereas this argument may be right, we all know the parliamentary caucus is part of the NEC and the Delegates Conference, and also the fact that MPs are NRM chairpersons of their respective constituencies, their resolutions are as valid, valuable and should be considered and supported by the higher party organs.

It is also suspected that Mr. Mbabazi’s (just like Dr. Besigye) tough stance against the anti-gay Act is calculated to attract the support of the western powers like America and Canada who have expressed hate for the new law, and may want to support any person who publicly disowns this law, against President Museveni who has accented to it.”

Rutaro said Mbabazi’s declaration of intention by the party Secretary General is likely to cause divisions and disharmony in NRM.

“It is important that we collectively own up the Kyankwanzi resolution as a party for purposes of unity and party cohesion, and then focus on how to win the 2016 polls with a landslide. The declaration is also likely to encourage the growth of clicks, already there is talk of “pro-Mbabazi” and “pro-Museveni” groups, and different NRM faithfuls are being branded as belonging to either group. In the end, it may be difficult to reconcile these groups and we may end up with divisions like we saw recently in the FDC. This is not good news for us.”

The Youth wing boss said the way forward is for “our Secretary General Hon. Mbabazi to come out clear on what his true intentions are, whether he will challenge President Museveni for presidency come 2016 or not. This is important to guide our people on what to do, and to make-up their minds ahead of time, and settle any conflicts that may arise before we go to the main polls.”

He concluded: “But it is dangerous for the Secretary General to remain vague and unclear now and speak out at the last minute, which would leave us with no time to handle any disagreements that may arise after the primary elections, hence we would go to the polls much weakened and divided, yet as we know it, “united we win and divided we lose.” NRM needs to be united if we are to win the 2016 elections, and our Secretary General is a big factor in fostering this unity or perpetuating the party divisions, cliquesim and hatred.”


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