Nantaba Moves to Shake Up Lands Ministry


cure sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>During a Cabinet Meeting, about it Nantaba pleaded with fellow Ministers to jointly ask the ministry of Public Service to transfer 15 top technocrats from Lands.

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This follows the Cabinet’s move to ignore the passing of the resolution which was tabled earlier after Nantaba failed to give convincing reasons for the transfer.

It is believed that after members felt that the Minister was so obsessed with voting for the resolution; they reluctantly passed it authorising the ministry of Lands to write to Public Service showing the list of technocrats that are under question.

However, Public Service is left with the mandate to consider the complaints raised by the Minister and act to transfer the affected technocrats once they are found guilty of the allegations made against them.

Nantaba claims that the said technocrats are fond of fraud and insubordination adding, that some have stayed too long and have become deeply entrenched which the Ministry of Public Service is supposed to expeditiously investigate so as to satisfy Nantaba’s plea.

Nantaba complained to the IGG about these very technocrats but investigations found them guiltless of what they were accused.

On the same note, several legally minded Ministers have warned that Nantaba’s move might cause losses to government explaining that the affected technocrats would sue government and win billions in damages arising from wrongful dismissal.


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