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Baby, 1 Year, Murdered


pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Fred Kimbowa and Majuma Valentine, 30, a casual worker at Mabale forest farm in Kayunga are suspected to have had a hand in the death of Kavamawanga who died on Saturday, last week.

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Apparently, Kavamawanga was lied to by Kimbowa that his wife was sleeping with Majuma, he hurried to Majuma’s residence knocked at the door endlessly and when Majuma opened, he pulled out a big stick and hit the forehead of Kavamawanga and he fell dead.

“We are investigating his death, we think there was some conspiracy because Kimbowa lied that Kavamawanga’s wife was sleeping in Majuma’s house yet it was not true, the wife was at another neighbourhood,” Idi Ibin Ssenkumbi, the police publicist Kampala Metropolitan revealed.

The two have been detained at Kasangati police station as investigations continue.

Meanwhile police in Mukono is investigating the death of a young boy of one and a half years who went missing on Thursday last week and later his body was recovered over the weekend.

Amdan Katongole, a resident of Kiwanga in Mukono was found dead in a swampy bushy area just one and a half kilometres away from their home.

According to Ssenkumbi, the boy was last seen at their home with his auntie and she confesses to have been with the boy that Thursday but since she was busy tied up with house cores, she did not know where the boy went.

“Preliminary investigations show that the boy may have been strangled and later dumped in the swampy area and also there was contention on the paternity of the body,” Ssenkumbi revealed.


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