Old Money Ghost May Haunt FUFA, USLL Again


cialis 40mg geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>This was an arrangement to bring back sponsors who were scared off by wrangles in Ugandan football.

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buy geneva; color: #222222;”>Well, sponsors are likely to comeback, especially Super Sport which still has a running contract with Uganda Super League Limited but what had parted the two parties (FUFA and USLL) was money.

However, in a memorandum of understanding that was signed by the two parties, according to reliable sources, USLL will be entitled to manage the finances and FUFA will remain with the part of rules of the game.

FUFA will be getting 10% of each and every sponsorship deal.

In this case, all payments from USLL to clubs and match officials will be transparent and well known to each and every club member.

It is said that before, none of the club members could access such information and that some of the clubs didn’t get money equivalent to what they were supposed to receive.

USLL used to pay match officials via FUFA but officials up to now are claiming not to have received their payments from FUFA.

In the MoU, USLL top officials and those who will be influential in bringing back sponsors are entitled to a commission of which the clear percentage is not well stated.

The MoU is set to be put into consideration next season; however, it’s not well established on whether this season’s winner will receive prize money.

Though Maroons was legible to play in top flight league, it is indicated anywhere in the MoU.

Both Ministers of Education and Sports have not given any comment on the signed MoU.


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