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Natan Skips Mountain Dew Motocross Event


more about geneva; color: #222222;”>According the organisers, discount Natan is in Israel attending to his wife who has just given birth thus can’t be part of the competitors’ team.

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“We will miss Asaf and rely on the rest of the riders to entertain the crowd at Garuga,’’ recounts Yunisan Bankunda, one of the organisers.

Yasin Bukala who has been struggling with an injury confirmed to be among the riders and expects to bring in such competitiveness after missing out some races last season.

Meanwhile, Maxim Van Pee, according to his mother, was expected in the country yesterday Saturday early morning from Belgium ahead of the event despite it is yet to be confirmed whether he jetted into the country.

On Friday UAP insurance boosted the event with Shs 2m cash on top of pledging to offer personal liability insurance estimated at $10000.


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