Bill On Patriotism Raises Eyebrows


viagra approved sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Across section of nationals argue that the bill is not timely and not brought in good faith because it’s mandatory for everyone to love Uganda.

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This has come barely three days after the Minister himself appeared before the Presidential Affairs Committee promising that Cabinet is in the process of drafting a bill on patriotism that will very soon be tabled on the floor of Parliament for debate.

According to the Nansana Town Council Mayor, Wakayima Nsereko, and Male Ali, the Public Relations Officer for Uganda Counselling Association, government should first sort out issues that make people to hate the country.

They also say that crimes like corruption, income inequalities and unemployment, among other evils should be addressed before introducing this law because “the law is not that vital compared to the already existing evils in the country”.

Male suggests that if the ministry of Education and Sports puts in place a committee to instil good morals and professionalism amongst teachers, then they wouldn’t be a need to force patriotism onto them.

“Uganda Counselling Association has learnt that some teachers nickname learners which tortures them psychologically.”

Like the Minister said, the bill is still being prepared and will be presented to Parliament later, when it is ready to be debated.


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