FNL4: Golola Tries Zig Zag Skills At Basketball


discount sans-serif; color: #222222;”>It was not too long when the motor-mouthed and Zig Zag fighter bounced more about sans-serif; color: #222222;”>to the Wandegeya based YMCA basketball courts with his championship belt tied around his waist and boasting like a Nigerian Oga.

“I am not a joking subject. I am the only man who can climb mountain dew and I am going to show you that am the champion in everything including basketball,” were the motor-mouthed’s first words on setting foot on the court few minutes before he started making rare dancing strokes as he walked around the court.

The kick boxer also displayed his Zig Zag skills making the fully packed YMCA courts turn crazy before the game kicked off.

The courts caught fire when the Mugula tormentor and no joking subject made a dribble before scoring the first 2 baskets for team Duxx to take lead on the night.

He then bragged and boasted as he further danced to the music being played at the courts.

The following minutes saw the only man who can climb mountain dew run around the courts as a cow as he never made any touches on the ball but rather fouling his opponents each time he tried to get hold of it.

However, a few minutes later, Golola was substituted and he embarked on moving around the court greeting his fans drawing attention of all the fans on the chilly evening.

Team Duxx went on to beat Team Amoding 59-38 and the later lost their unbeaten.

Meanwhile former rally driver and Kampala businessman cum Angenoir and Guvnor Discotheques proprietor Charlie Lubega also featured for team Malinga and making 3 baskets before his team lost to Team Ikong 51-42.

It was fun on the chilly evening as veteran singer Raga Dee and GNL Zamba made the fans feel at home and forget the cold weather with great performances.

FNL 4 Results

Team Enabu 55 Vs Team Sudi 56

Team Blick 52 Vs Team Kasewu 30

Team Duxx 59 Vs Team Amoding 38

Team Ikong 51 Vs Team Malinga 42


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