EXCLUSIVE: Next Caucus to Trim Mbabazi’s Political Wings


more about http://cosmeticscop.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/response.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Chimpreports has learnt that all the caucus members are to be summoned this weekend by the government Chief Whip’s office to the usual Entebbe State House but the agenda will only be given to them at said meeting.

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Our impeccable sources has whispered to us that the next Monday’s meeting is aimed at ironing out the disagreements which emerged at the Central Executive Committee (CEC) last week that selected the names of NRM Parliamentary Commissioners including Rose Akol, Rosemary Seninde and William Nokorach.

The same CEC meeting that sat last Thursday at State House Nakasero was also supposed to elect the committee chairs of both Sectoral and Sessional Committees of Parliament but ended prematurely as common positions were not reached.

Inside Story

The primary goal of the NRM party as a whole was to get new commissioners who could help put Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to order since the former commissioners mainly; Dr. Chris Baryomonsi and Dr. Emmanuel Dombo became too friendly with Kadaga, hence a need to neutralise them.

But when the CEC converged last Thursday, the dynamics changed and Kadaga ceased to a threat but one of the CEC members who is also the Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, is the current threat to be handled.

In the meeting, CEC members had over 10 names including James Kakoza, the former State Health Minister, Kibuku County Legislator, Saleh Kamba, among others which were to be tabled and discussed by members before zeroing on three but the above two were already preferred by many and only waiting to get the remaining one who had to be a woman.

Sources who attended the meeting say when Museveni entered the meeting, he summarily picked and endorsed the name of Rose Akol whom many members did not expect and he again made another surprise on Seninde’s name.

Akol who was the chairperson of the Prestigious Budget Committee in the 8th Parliament was supposed to join Cabinet as the Minister of Finance and the President had already “blessed” her but Akol’s name was removed from the list by the then powerful Amama Mbabazi.

Akol who was considered frustrated by the party’s Secretary General despite her good knowledge and experience in economics, became the good candidate as far as neutralising Mbabazi is concerned.

All the needed three commissioners were selected but committee chairs left hanging and likely not enough research was done to front candidates.

So, come Monday, members of the caucus where currently Museveni is enjoying over 90% support, will come out with the names of the chairperson of committees, debate and exhaust the final names.

CEC shall sit on Tuesday morning just for formality to endorse the names forwarded by the caucus and on Tuesday the Chief Whip Justine Kasule Lumumba will present them to the Speaker with the new commissioners.


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