Gay Law: EU Seeks Travel, Visa Bans On Ugandan Officials


viagra buy geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The lawmakers said the recent laws in Uganda (“Anti-Homosexuality Act”) and Nigeria (“Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill”) violate Article 9(2) of the Cotonou Agreement on human rights, viagra democratic principles and the rule of law.

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They called on the Commission to launch “urgent political dialogue not later than at the EU-Africa Summit” which is expected in April.

They further called for targeted sanctions, such as travel and visa bans, against “the key individuals responsible for drafting and adopting these two laws”.

They also demanded a review of the EU development aid strategy with Uganda and Nigeria with a view to redirecting aid to civil society and other organisations rather than suspending it.

European Union will be the latest donor country to rechannel aid to civil groups but Uganda government insists it will move on with or without aid.

In Uganda, activists on Wednesday took government to the Constitutional Court with the view of challenging the constitutionality of the law that criminalises homosexuality and provides tough jail terms for same sex relationships in the country.

The law, which President Museveni signed last month amid international pressure, further provides a fourteen year jail term for one convicted for the offence of homosexuality and imprisonment for life for the offence of aggravated homosexuality.

According to Parliament, the legislation seeks to establish a comprehensively consolidated legislation to protect the traditional family by prohibiting any form of sexual relations between persons of the same sex.

It also seeks to put an end to the promotion or recognition of such sexual relations in public institutions and other places through or with the support of any government entity in Uganda or any other non-governmental organization inside or outside the country.

The Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs said the law will strengthen the nation’s capacity to deal with emerging internal and external threats to the traditional heterosexual family.

“There is need to protect the children and youth of Uganda who are vulnerable to sexual abuse and deviations as a result of cultural changes, uncensored information technologies, parentless child development settings and increasing attempts by homosexuals to raise children in homosexual relationships through adoption and foster care.”


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