EC Laughs At Lukwago In Mayoral By-Elections Saga


stuff http://chasingjamesbeard.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/carousel/jetpack-carousel.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”>In an interview with Chimpreports on Thursday afternoon, abortion http://circleofliferediscovery.com/blog/wp-includes/ms-deprecated.php Electoral more about sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Commission spokesperson, Jotham Taremwa, warned Lukwago against cheap politics while handling crucial matters.

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“He is not sincere to himself and the people of Kampala because he knows very well that the court order he is talking about has nothing to do with the programme of elections. He claims we got a letter halting us but the only letter we got came from the KCCA Executive Director who is also the accounting officer and is the only one mandated to write to us under the law on matters concerning KCCA,” he explained.

On defying court orders, Taremwa explained that the Electoral Commission is a law abiding body stressing that they can therefore, not defy any lawful orders given to them.

“When we received orders to stop the by elections of the 4 rebel MPs we did so, then why does he say we are defying court orders? Lukwago wants to portray Electoral Commission as working under orders from KCCA and the President which is not true. We can’t work under anybody’s orders but rather under the law. What we do must be under the law and if the law favours the President or any person, that’s another case,” Taremwa explained.

The EC spokesperson further rubbished claims insinuating that the Commission Chairman, Eng Badru Kiggundu, is a criminal who defies court orders and needs to be arrested noting, that this is cheap talk by Lukwago.

“That’s wishful thinking by Lukwago. Let him produce an order stopping us from holding the by election if he saying we are acting illegally. Why hasn’t he given us a copy? I must repeat it that the by-elections for Kampala mayor are still on,” he retorted.

The Electoral Commission early this month unveiled their plans and preparations for the forthcoming set for April 17, 2014.

“We have not yet reached the nomination date but if it comes, we shall be able to know who is going to stand for mayorship but I assure you, the by-elections are still on,” Taremwa explained.


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