Photos: Life Returns to War-torn CAR


abortion geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In a situation analysis carried out by the African Union, what is ed it has been noted that most places in CAR have been settled and people have began to live a normal life including conducting several business activities.

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The security situation in Bangui continues to improve, which has been spearheaded by MISCA and French Sangaris forces.

Country men and women were seen freely moving in Bangui downtown; others were vending fruits along the roadsides while sand scoopers were also spotted back at the beaches of River.

The Central African Republic (CAR) has been unstable since its independence from France in 1960 and is one of the least-developed countries in the world.

The country that is seeing life being restored has suffered religious wars and other conflicts which have claimed a lot of lives since the overthrow of the government by the Seleka rebels.

However, following the resignation of the Seleka leader, an interim government led by an interim President Catherine Samba-Panza, a Christian, the acts of human slaughter and violation have amicably come to an end.


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