Fr Batanyenda: Museveni, Mbabazi Are Similar

viagra dosage http://comunidad.mochileros.com.mx/wp-admin/includes/edit-tag-messages.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Rev. Fr. Bantanyenda was addressing the media in Kabale town today, cost Thursday.

According to Fr. Batanyenda, “the constitution of Uganda under Chapter (1) clause (1) says that power belongs to the people and that Article 14 stipulates that Ugandans shall have consent on how to choose their leaders through free and fair elections or referendum not the way President Museveni is trying to do in order to cling onto power forever”.

Batanyenda noted that the ruling National Resistance Movement has “strayed from its original ten points programme with democracy being the number one on the list initially after capturing power in 1986”.

“The ruling government has failed to exercise democracy during its 28 year tenure in office where people should be allowed to choose their leaders.”

He added: “Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has a right to contest for the presidency and should be allowed to exercise his rights as a Ugandan.”

“Those people fronting President Museveni as the sole party candidate led by northern youth MP are political toddlers and are not aware of what is taking place in the country and are doing it for their self political gains,” he pointed out.

He said that he has received information that on March 20, 2014, the ruling NRM MPs will get about Shs 50m each and go to their constituencies to consult the electorates on the caucus resolution to endorse the President as the sole party candidate, money which he said would have been used to save mothers dying in hospitals due to lack of medicine.

“I know that after getting the results, President Museveni will influence the National Executive Committee delegates when they meet in Kampala such that he goes through as the sole candidate.”

Batanyenda said that the reason the party is doing this is “because of fear and panic after they have failed to deliver anything during their 28 years of staying in power”.

“They have failed to achieve anything during their 28 years of rule and now they are panicking of what they will tell people in the next elections. So, that’s why they are coming back early to cleanse themselves before the electorates.”

He also blasted Minister Banyenzaki for telling the President that Hon. Hope Mwesigye was misleading Mbabazi and the sole trouble causer of all NRM party controversies saying, that she is right to support her brother –in-law in case he wanted to stand for presidency.

“Even if it was the President’s wife’s brother vying for the seat, the wife would be right to support a relative.”

Fr. Bantanyenda, an earlier re-known critic of Hope Mwesigye, said that her decision to come out and speak on the media on NRM was after government had harshly treated her.

“I think Hon. Banyenzaki wants to use this chance to decampaign Mbabazi such that the president appoints him.”

However, when asked whom he would vote between president Museveni and Amama Mbabazi for president, he said he would vote none.

“Both Museveni and Mbabazi are the same,” he concluded.


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